Read the report 'Teachers at breaking point' commissioned by the AEU
Read 'Teachers at breaking point', commissioned by the AEU ahead of enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Fix the Crisis
Fix the Crisis
Kids need teachers, and teachers need your support.
The teacher shortage is at crisis point, and kids are missing out.
Kids need teachers.
Teachers need your support.
Educators are negotiating with the Government for improved school conditions, which will directly impact the education of your children.
Educators are negotiating with the Government for improved school conditions, which will directly impact the education of your children.
Illustration of AEU members holding signs which say "We need to retain our educators" and "We need more support for students".
I am:
I am:
SSO from Meadows Primary School
Port Augusta Campaign Briefing
Members from Sheidow Park Primary School
Members from Hallett Cove School
Member holding campaign poster
Northern Campaign Briefing
Teacher from Bordertown High
Northern Campaign Briefing
SBS from Gladstone High School
Members holding campaign posters
Members from Carlton High School
SBS from Banksia Park Primary School
"It is impossible to spend the time needed to form the relationships with students that are so important to teaching."
—  Survey participant 686, Teachers at Breaking Point
Peter Malinauskas is turning his back on your child's future.

Every day, thousands of South Australian students are without a consistent teacher due to staffing shortages.

Teachers are doing their best, but if things don't improve, half of all educators will leave in five years.
Half of South Australian educators will leave in five years.
Without the support of parents, caregivers, and the community our kids will continue to miss out as classes become more complex and teaching positions remain unfilled.  

It’s time to stand with educators. Demand Government action now.  
Take action to support educators. Scroll down to start today.

Let your local MP know: our kids are missing out

As a community member, your opinion has an influence on your local MP. When you stand up for public educators, the Government has to listen.

Take three quick and easy steps to send a message to your local MP.  
  1. Find your local MP using your address
  2. Personalise the email by adding your name, a subject line, and anything else you want your MP to know about what public education means to you  
  3. Hit send!  

Show your support: Sponsor a sign

Do you have a gate or fence and want to show your support for public education? Hundreds of people across South Australia have already put their hand up to help spread the word.

Get in touch with us and we'll send you a sign!
Sponsor a sign

Spread the word: Share our message with your community


Organise a local event: Stand together for public education

Having a chat face-to-face is one of the best ways to spread the word in your community and show your support for public education. Here are some simple tips if you want to organise a community catch up.
Campaign Briefing in Port Pirie
  1. Chat to parents from your school community. You can send them information about enterprise bargaining to help them understand what we’re fighting for.
  2. Collaborate to come up with a fun community event idea, like a barbecue, happy hour, or a family games afternoon.
  3. Invite educators, parents and the wider community to come along and show their support for public education.
  4. Let the AEU know you’re hosting an event by sending us an email.
  5. Use the event to chat to others about what we’re fighting for, and brainstorm ideas to demand Government action! Post on social and be sure to tag the AEU, the Department for Education, and the Premier.
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Why join the AEU?

It makes sense for all educators to be part of one large democratic union advocating for their interests.

In recent years AEU members have successfully campaigned for improvements in wages, conditions and curriculum entitlements. AEU staff have a detailed knowledge of the education system and are well placed to give advice and information quickly and efficiently.

Members benefit from a number of industrial and legal services including advocacy and advisory services, support obtaining permanency, training and professional development, workplace information, funding assistance and workplace visits.

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