Read the report 'Teachers at breaking point' commissioned by the AEU
Read 'Teachers at breaking point', commissioned by the AEU ahead of enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Fix the Crisis
Fix the Crisis
Public education is at crisis point and your kids are missing out.
The Australian Education Union is currently bargaining with the Government for improved school conditions, which will directly impact the education of your children.

Research shows that if things don’t improve, half of all teachers intend to leave in the next five years. This would have a catastrophic impact on our community.

We are calling on your support to help us fight for a bright future in public education.

What are we asking for?

1 - More time for teaching and learning
More time for quality teaching and learning
We all know the lasting impact a teacher can have on a child. But educators are spending less and less time with your kids as they work tirelessly to keep a broken system running. 

We’re demanding teachers have the time they need to teach your kids. Time spent learning, bonding, and building a strong classroom culture helps every child to grow and flourish. But that can’t happen when teachers are stretched thin, and classes are bigger and more complex than ever.
We're asking the Government to invest in bold change so kids and educators can get back to learning in a happy, healthy and balanced environment.
2 - More support for students
More support for students
Teachers are being burnt out and pulled away from teaching your child to satisfy demands for data and manage increasingly large and complex classes. Because of this, the pressure on support staff is higher than ever, yet they continue to be undervalued and underpaid. 

We know that having two adults in the classroom means better outcomes for each child, giving teachers time to extend the children who need it without sacrificing attention for those who require a little extra support.
We're asking the Government to commit to an SSO in every classroom, so that your kids get the focus and support they need.
3 - Attracting and retaining exceptional educators
Attracting and retaining exceptional educators
Without significant Government investment, public education will continue to be stripped down, and our kids will suffer. We believe that every child deserves an equal education.

That means we need significant investment in public education to ensure we attract brilliant new educators to our school and keep the wealth of experience and knowledge our current educators offer. That’s good for public education and great for your kids.
We're asking the Government to offer a salary that reflects the amazing work all educators do every day.
SSO from Meadows Primary School
Port Augusta Campaign Briefing
Members from Sheidow Park Primary School
Members from Hallett Cove School
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Northern Campaign Briefing
Teacher from Bordertown High
Northern Campaign Briefing
SBS from Gladstone High School
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Members from Carlton High School
SBS from Banksia Park Primary School
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AEU SA Branch
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